Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak

I truly feel that part of the reason for this mandated silence is so that I can be a catalyst for change: to help people more deeply understand the importance of encouragement and to become more comfortable both giving and receiving it. Who are the people in your life–the heart caregivers–who encourage and come alongside you? Who lift you up out of the trenches or pit and help set your feet on solid ground? Who are the people whose life-giving words have been like an icy cold glass of water on a sweltering day? You know people like that, I’m sure. What happens when life throws them a curve ball? Who is there to inspire and encourage them?

I believe with all my heart that what I’m going through is far bigger than just me. While it is true that my current situation inspired this post, this post really isn’t about me. It’s borne of something that I otherwise may never have grasped were I not to have walked through this ordeal. So in my silence today, I hope to be a loud “voice” for all the encouragers and caregivers out there who need encouragement just as much as anyone else.

Encouragement may not be your gift, but you can learn to be a better encourager (and that goes for all gifts). Who is in need of a kind or encouraging word from you today? Go ahead and take a stab at it. You just might surprise yourself. And possibly bless the socks off their feet!

I’m persuaded that together, we can brighten the lives of others by spreading rays of encouragement wherever we go.

Calling all the encouragers-in-training…. 🙂

Please share if you agree that we can all use more encouragement. Thanks!