Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak

Yesterday was wonderful! I enjoyed a sweet time with family as we celebrated my younger sister’s birthday. It was extra special because my older sister, Juliet, was visiting from Illinois. There was so much I wanted to share with her and catch up on in person! But writing down everything I want to say is tedious and virtually impossible. Besides, there’s just something about the spoken word—I cannot spontaneously express my heart to anyone during this (now almost 4 weeks) period of prescribed silence. So I just want to encourage you to not let this day go by without using your voice to tell someone just how much they mean to you. I’m yearning to do just that! Do what I can’t do.

Right this moment, vocally thank God for the precious gift of your voice. Then go and speak words of life and love to someone you care about and love. #TimeIsPrecious #CountYourBlessings