Living Backward ReviewsAngelique Cooper McGlotten has done a remarkable job of distilling down and measuring out the things that truly matter…the stepping stones, if you will, to a life of significance ~ a life lived in pursuit of seeking to glorify God and co-labor in the building of his Kingdom here on earth; something which is sorely lacking in expression in our self-absorbed, frenetic world. With personal testimony and candor, she has fashioned for us a pathway with which to help us begin to put a paintbrush to those longings in our hearts. The book reads as if it were a friend walking alongside, encouraging us to begin to listen to the echoes of God’s voice in our souls – calling us forth to the purposes He uniquely created us for … those things which ultimately bring about the deep satisfaction of a life well lived.

Reminding us that every moment spent is a moment that cannot be redeemed, she urges us to frame our reference from the end of our lives, observing that each choice creates a path toward or away from that which truly matters as we yearn to make a difference. She draws us away from futility to mindfulness, reminding us to consider each moment and decision, intentionally choosing wisely versus being caught up in the world’s ways or autopilot, ultimately pointing us to the One who created us and is fully capable of completing the work He has begun in our lives as we yield and attend with purpose.

Giving us time-tested tools for the journey toward living meaningful lives, she helps us clarify what is most important; a life lived under God’s command and passion, empowered by His Spirit within and guided by His capable and loving hands. As stated within the pages, “We are called not to waste our lives, but to contextualize them, and live each moment with purpose and intention, thus discovering our God-given passions and purpose. Therein is the secret to true joy and fulfillment.”

In a world filled with meaningless chatter and far too many empty tomes that provide glimmers of hope amid clamor of self, Angelique has heeded her God-given desires, sharing truth in a way that is both encouraging and convicting while also engaging and easy to understand. It is a book well worth the time and can be instrumental in a life forever changed if one would but allow Holy Spirit to take the words written and echo their timeless truths within. I am grateful to have been privileged to be a first reader, and intend to share copies with many whom I know. May you, too, be encouraged to passionately pursue your purpose under God.

— Christie Pride


Living Backward Daily ScriptureReading “Living Backward” was integral in helping me to not only gain a better understanding of God’s love, Word, and Kingdom values, but it also helped me to recognize and confront what is expected from me in this relationship He has graciously called me into. It is an excellent tool for discipleship, and I appreciate how the author does not shy away from sharing her failures as well as successes in a way that is easily relatable.

It is a book that I would recommend to anybody longing for a deeper walk with God, any person who needs a reminder of His greatness, and anyone who has a burning desire to be effective for His Kingdom here on earth as well as in heaven. I fell in love with Jesus Christ all over again as I read through the chapters of this book, as I imagine many will when they are reminded of His great love for His creation.

— Tanya Mathieu


Living Backward Reviews, Bible StudiesWritten like a simple manual with an inspiring story, Living Backward inundates the reader with wisdom, love and truth. The author clearly expresses her heart for God and for people through her genuine and compassionate wisdom, compelling the reader to ‘live backward.’ Her personal testimony and life experiences make this read relatable and practical. The knowledge reveals God’s plan, purpose, and heart for His people through her. The encouraging challenges and gentle admonitions show the mothering spirit of this author, and her desire to pass down what the Lord has shown her.

A read for Christians of all ages, Living Backward is for anyone who would like to grow in his or her walk with the Lord. It is for the ones seeking purpose and those who simply know there is more. This book is challenging, enlightening, encouraging, and compelling; it is sure to change the life of anyone who reads it in pursuit of living life to the fullest.

— Traci Davis


This is an extraordinary book and here’s the reason why. I have sought for years (decades) a book that was honest and truthful about walking with GOD or knowing GOD and what this book discusses is aligned to the “T”. What I mean by this is I have read plenty of books, but most gloss over the realities of walking with GOD and the inter-challenges that believers go through while making that walk.

Living Backward is an example of a real person who has grasped the simplicity of how to walk with GOD and be pleasing to GOD, sharing her experiences for others to get the same richness out of life that she herself has experienced.

This book is the practical application of the life of a believer or anyone that is looking for meaning in life without being hit in the face with condemnation, judgement or regret.

Living Backward touches the spirit and soul in the way that books like Smith Wiggles-Worth or Amiee Simple McPherson autobiographies touched me, in that it shows we are just humans that want to please GOD. It’s like finding a great treasure that you have looked decades for and finally find. You’re just so glad that you have found it, you want to dust it off, shine it up, and find a special place for it so that you can see it over and over again because of the joy that it brings knowing you have now found the treasure that you once thought you would never find again in your life time.

Living Backward is a book worth reading that can impact the spirit and soul of a man while adding great benefit to God’s Glory and Kingdom. It has caused plenty of nights up just meditating on the contents, which is a good thing. And the writing lifts up and encourages people to have righteousness, peace, and joy in the Kingdom of GOD.

I may be biased in my analysis because the book hit home and became personal for me and I believe that you also may be touched by its contents and recognize the “EV factor” in your own life. Take a few days, a few months or even a year and read through this treasure so that you notice and acknowledge “anyone can indeed be great,” which is what I expect truly matters to you.

— Paris Green


Living Backward Christian Book ReviewFirst off, Wow! Just wow! Living Backward has entirely altered how I view my time on this earth. In a society that rarely slows down, it’s easy to live in the moment and forget that this life is like a vapor, or a mere speck on a never-ending line. The book starts out by providing valuable ideas and helpful visuals to convey the author’s thoughts to the reader. As it goes on, though, it builds and builds, providing ideas that aren’t addressed enough in church. The conclusion is an incredible climax that challenged me to my core in regards to how I have been living my life. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Heaven the way the author does (especially the concept that as believers we may all get there, but the responsibilities and honors we’re given will differ based off of our earthly lives), yet it’s something that’s crucial to know!

— Lauren Alexander


I just got finished reading the part of the book that you sent me. I am so humbled that you would give me the opportunity to read your work! Such a compelling book. I didn’t want to put it down. So inspiring yet so challenging for all to constantly be focusing on living daily with an eternal significance mentality. Blessings!

— Brenda Solomon


Praise For Angelique During a 4 Week Period Of Prescribed Absolute Silence

You will probably never know the extent that you touch others lives just with your testimony of what you are going through. Seeing your strength reinforces our own faith! Thanks for being a faithful servant even in the midst of an extremely difficult trial! Continuing to pray for healing and strength! I’m so excited to read your book! If it’s anything like the title implies I think a lot of people would want to do that “Living Backward“.

— Suzanne Orr


You always see the best in people. That’s what I always loved about you…you truly have (the letters in your name spelled backwards) the “I que of an angel” … You are such a Christ-like example. Thank you for your pictures = humility at its best. Hugs my friend!!

— Vicki Marshall


I just wanted to thank you for your very raw posts that you’ve been sharing! I’m not sure how this showed up on my page other than it being God directed for me today at this very moment! In 5 short minutes of reading a few posts, certain verses and comments, as well as the photo of the diamond cake your daughter made… God spoke to me through all of that!! It all hit me like water from a fire hose! Thank you so much for being a vessel of Gods love and encouragement! He’s using you even though you are not able to use audible words! Praying for you!

Mary Lu Swartzentruber


This is indescribably beautiful. The Lord has truly blessed you with a way with words. Your posts about your current situation have been both a blessing and an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for posting and please be encouraged that your suffering is not meaningless, God is using this for more than you know, or can imagine.

— Kelsea Inson


Beautifully stated!
Love your heart! Thank you for the transparency!

— Julie Murphy


What an absolute blessing you’ve always been, Angelique! I pray for your healing and your continued gift of gracious expression. You do, indeed, have a voice, and I am eager to share these words with my 16 year old who is experiencing some health challenges. She is faithful, and yet she is 16. I’m hopeful that your words and your experience will elevate the revelations she has about faith so she can claim it with sure footing. Again, bless you and thank you for being a mega blessing to me this morning.

Barbara Wadley-Young


Your post caught my eye. Your words caught my heart! You’re reaching more people now than ever. You’ll be hearing God clearer now than ever. You might just be writing you next book! Doesn’t God move in mysterious ways? You are much loved — by Him and by us. Sweet healing sweet sister! 💕

— Kelly Keck Kuvakas


Angelique, you are a beautiful person. I love your vulnerability to just be real through this process! I love that Chayil baked you a cake and that this beautiful arrangement was waiting for you. It brought tears to my eyes! I’m sorry for the less than favorable word from the doctor. God is singing praises over you, His child.

— Christie Clark


You know Angelique, I can’t even imagine going through this, but wanted you to know that just your presence and seeing you always ministers to me, and I know it has to be true for others. I imagine you are getting journals full of wisdom and things to share 💕I’m praying for peace and healing and wonderful moments for you and others even during this difficult time.

— Amy Cullings Moreno


This is so touching, Angelique. There has to be something in it. I wonder what will come out of it in the end. You have a powerful voice and God has and will use it again. Love to you!

— Cynthia Owen


Thank you for the gentle reminder to be thankful in all circumstances and press on no matter what! You have a gift with words and your incredibly sweet spirit shines through again! Remember to enjoy the process and don’t always be in a rush to have something be over. With age, we learn to enjoy the journey no matter what it is and slow down to see what God is doing. Love you sweet sister and praying that you will hear every word He has for you during this time so that He can use it for His glory!

— Kim Inson