Angelique Cooper McGlotten Speaker, Fulfillment

Angelique Cooper McGlotten is originally from Liberia, West Africa, where she was born and raised until a coup d’état forced her family to flee to the United States in 1980. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia. Angelique is an avid student of God’s Word. Known affectionately by her family as “Triple E” (Encourager, Edifier, and Exhorter), she enjoys using scriptural truths to encourage and build up others. In fact, Living Backward is birthed from her desire to inspire others to live out God’s plan for their lives and in so doing experience contentment, genuine success, and lasting significance.

She currently oversees the ministry of encouragement at the church where her husband is the founding and senior pastor and is also the drummer for its praise and worship band. For several years she worked alongside her husband in the Assignment, a ministry whose goal is to disciple followers of Christ, helping them discover their God-given abilities.

Working with a variety of organizations, the author has mentored (and continues to mentor) hundreds of adults and young adults alike. Angelique regularly speaks at women’s retreats, women’s groups, and conferences on various topics pertaining to the Christian faith. She is also the author of a book of poetry titled The Weaver’s Thread.

When not writing or studying, Angelique relishes time with family. She also enjoys reading, journaling, exercising, and capturing memories. She resides in northern Virginia with her husband and three children.

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When I was in charge of a retreat weekend I needed to acquire several speakers for the event. I did not think twice about asking Angelique. She is eloquent and has an engaging presence in her presentation of material. The subject I needed her to speak on was studying God’s word. Angelique clearly has a vast knowledge of the word, but just as importantly, she is able to impart that knowledge to her audience.

Angelique has a quiet and calming presence, but she is passionate about her relationship with her savior. Her lecture on the subject of study was well thought out, thought provoking and concise. All of the qualities that are needed to engage an audience and impart important truths. I was not disappointed that I chose her. In truth, God chose her for the weekend event. He just revealed His choice to me. Angelique is a blessing and a great encouragement to all she comes in contact with.

— Chris Sanford, Northern VA Tres Dias


I have known Angelique for many years. I have been able to work alongside her the past two years in the AWANA Varsity Program. She has been a foundational support for me and the program. Her knowledge of the bible and her ability to apply it in lessons has been an essential part of our ability to teach the kids in the program. I can sincerely say that I could not have taught effectively without her.

She seems to truly love God and I have seen many occasions where she applied that love to the people around her.

— Fred Reid, AWANA Varsity Director


Angelique has a unique and impactful way of sharing her testimony and lessons learned in her walk with the Lord. One experiences the emotional and transformational process she experienced that has changed her life so completely as she shares from the depth of her heart. The power of God is evident in her as she relays the lessons learned through a period of brokenness and surrender.

As the executive director of CareNet PRCS, I invited Angelique to speak at a retreat I hosted for the staff. Personally, after hearing her speak, I felt compelled to seek the Lord in many areas of my life that were not submitted to the Lord. She gave me a new perspective and insight into the “power of the Holy Spirit” and living life with an “eternal” mindset. I am grateful for her spiritual wisdom, prayers and great desire to help her brothers and sisters live a life of true impact as disciples of Christ.

— Karen Snuffer, CareNet PRCS


Angelique is a very articulate speaker and very conscientious.

— Lorilyn Roberts, Founder, John 316 Marketing Network


Angelique shared her testimony at a women’s event that I was responsible for. She was willing to share her heart in a way that the women were easily able to relate to her and appreciate what she was saying. Her speaking manner was clear, concise, and made everyone feel comfortable.

— Debi Laycock, Northern VA Tres Dias