Are Little Things Holding You Back?

Live On Purpose Concept text on backgroundA friend of mine shared this with me today: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Ouch…challenging words that carry a nugget of wisdom: How we do the little, insignificant things also determines how we approach the big things. A messy, unclean car, for example, may be a tell-tale sign of our lackadaisical approach to other responsibilities.  It may say volumes about our tendency to procrastinate. Indeed, how we approach the small things can permeate each and every aspect of our lives. [Read More]

Our Christmas Trees Are Decorated, But Are Our Hearts?

Advent or christmas wreath with four red wax candles on wooden background.Today, December 1st, marks the first day of the Advent season. It is a time to reflect anew on the unspeakable wonder of God becoming incarnate, Emmanuel—God with us. Why did God condescend to become a helpless babe in a feeding trough in Bethlehem? Why did He trade the glories of Heaven for ignominy? Because there was no other way by which sinners, who were enemies of God, could be saved from the inescapable and deserving condemnation of His eternal wrath. [Read More]

To Where In Life Are You Driving?

Winding road through fall forest in Appalachian MountainsHave you ever gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle without having somewhere to go? Unless you’re a parent driving around the neighborhood hoping that the motion of the car will settle down a cranky baby or child so she can fall asleep, none of us gets into a car and just drives around without having a specific place to go. If we recognize we must have a destination when it comes to the mundane task of driving—otherwise its completely mindless and crazy—why do we think we can simply go through the motions of life without being mindful of our final destination? How we live our days is how we live our lives; and how we live our lives is how our life stories are crafted. So why do we think we can lead a meaningful life while ignoring the fact that the choices we make each and every day are creating paths that are either taking us toward or away from that which really matters?

In terms of goals and a clear direction, many of us are going nowhere fast. Ralph Marston aptly said, “If you must choose between speed and direction, going faster will do you no good if the destination is not where you want to end up.” [Read More]

FOMO: Is It Unwittingly Robbing You?

Most of us have heard of it. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a phenomenon that’s thriving in our culture. A relentless task master, it drives us to constantly check our social media feed because we want to be in the know. Better yet, we just can’t afford to miss out on what’s happening. It sucks our time as we satisfy our seemingly endless curiosities about the status of others—who’s doing what, with whom, and, of course, where. For many, the start of a new day begins with the habitual reach for the mobile device in order to catch what’s happening, or heaven forbid, what was missed while away. Then as though it were a duty, we continually check our news feed throughout the day. The truth of the matter, however, is that many of us have no clue that we’re addicted to this silent thief and invisible drug. [Read More]

The Life And Clutter of An Author


Clutter…. I don’t like it. But you’d never know judging from the current upheaval in my bedroom. There’s a mountain of mail on the desk, file folders to be put away, and non-urgent letters and junk mail by the nightstand that need to be sorted through. Oh, did I mention the random assortment of items on the floor that are clumsily out of place? Sad to say the kitchen, guest room, and basement are in a similar state. And a laundry list of things that need to be done in and around the house has not been touched for going on ten months now. [Read More]

The Fleeting Timeline Of Your Life

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“You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life?  It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14).

How often do you think about the music of your life coming to an end?  It’s

Saying “Yes” To What Really Matters

Planned Neglect: Saying No to Good Things So We Can Say Yes to the Best

By Randy Alcorn

I’ve recently been overwhelmed with seemingly endless opportunities to do good things. I’ve been weighing what to say yes to and what to say no to. Seems like every year

Are You Unwittingly Cheating Yourself? Part 2

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You might be reading this blog for this very reason.  If deep within your heart, you are longing for more out of life, let me ask, “What are you doing about it?”  The truth of the matter is that if we would lead fulfilling lives, we cannot continue to doggedly pursue our own goals and agendas.

But perhaps you’re where I once was, ensnared by the web of deception that the enemy spins over our minds.  Satan’s ancient scheme is to blind us to truth and seduce us to exalt ourselves over God, our Creator.  As a result, we then think we can take our eyes off God, live for ourselves, and all will turn out okay in the end.  This deception is a tactic of the enemy that creates a literal blinder and sets a spiritually  unhealthy process in motion. That is, the more nonchalant we are towards the things of God, the more blinded we become; and the more blinded we are, the more complacent we become about our true spiritual condition. Regretfully, this spiritual complacency is also the root cause of the huge hole of dissatisfaction many of us carry in our hearts―a hole that only God can fill. [Read More]

Are You Unwittingly Cheating Yourself? Part 1

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Have you ever experienced “buyer’s remorse” (where you purchased something rather expensive — that you absolutely thought you had to have — only to later regret your decision)?  How about the sickening feeling that comes after you’ve invested thousands of dollars into a home improvement project and then realize how much you dislike the way things turned out?  If my dear, sweet mother-in-love were to have experienced either of the above scenarios, she probably would have rationalized, “If money can fix it, then it’s not a problem.”  That’s generally a good outlook to have.  But what about regret that involves something as monumental as life itself―something no amount of money can ever fix or replace?   In this vein I ask, “Are you cheating yourself with life?  I hear you ask,”What exactly do you mean?”   Well, let me explain. [Read More]


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