Lessons I’m Learning While I Undergo a 4 week Doctor-Mandated Silence

That’s why I desperately needed that supernatural injection. In a way that is indescribable, the overwhelming sense of peace that overcame me totally dispelled every thought of my inability to walk through this second two week period of not speaking. I felt as though the weight of the burden I had been carrying the past 36 hours had been completely lifted, as God flooded my mind with the innumerable things I can still do even though I can’t speak. I got it! It became crystallized–not having a “voice” in the grand scheme of things was not such a big deal after all. And I was reminded once again that: Only God can turn a mess into a message; a test into a testimony; and a trial into a triumph. I’m confidently trusting Him to do just that!

You’re now probably wondering why I started this post talking about movies. Well, the name of the movie my husband and I had watched was called “Spare Parts.” Based on real events, it was a powerful and inspirational story of the human will to overcome adversity and achieve success against all odds. For some reason, I enjoy assembling new furniture and equipment.

Always, I find that the manufacturer includes spare parts, which I seldom ever use. While I danced with my husband, the Lord reminded me that this is never the case with our lives. Nothing is ever wasted–He redeems and recycles everything. The next time you find yourself questioning the way God’s plan for your life is unfolding, remember this word picture: there are no “spare parts” in the story of your life. Every trial, setback, heartache, disappointment, obstacle–indeed every experience you ever face– has been designed and carefully calculated by your Manufacturer to bring about your greatest good and His glory (see Romans 8:28).

Filled with an inexplicable sense of contentment as I write this post, I can truly say that I’m resting in God–cradled in His extravagant love for me. Graciously, tenderly, and supernaturally, He is holding me and carrying me. To Him alone be all the glory!