Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak

Take the challenge and help us spread the love!
Imagine not being able to speak for one week, pretty difficult, right? Well, for FOUR weeks I was banned to speak by my doctor. Not a single word due to an abrasion on my vocal chord. My silence was heart-breaking because I love to encourage others, every chance I get. Brightening someone’s day comes very naturally to me; I barely have to think about it. So it was suffocating not being able to express such a natural part of who I am. That’s when I came up with this fun idea to encourage others to be ENCOURAGERS because we can ALL use encouragement each day. Want to spread a little sunshine wherever you go? Then join the #iEncourageChallenge.

Join in, it’s incredibly easy – just 2 steps!

1. Each day, I will post a simple challenge for you to complete. Spread the love by sharing this daily challenge with your friends & invite them to participate too.
2. Complete the challenge and tell us all about it!
(I’d love for you to leave your comments about how it’s going).

That’s it! Simple, yet I know from experience that the results can be powerful! Together, let’s brighten our individual corners of the world AND experience the simple joy of making others feel valued and special. Let’s all be #Encouragers