Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak

I believe with all my heart that GOD is about a good thing in the midst of this difficult situation. As I share in my upcoming book:

It’s impossible to look at one or even a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and know what the puzzle is all about. Life is a lot like that. While we may be looking at one piece of our life and wondering how it could possibly fit into a beautiful plan, God can see and has seen the entire finished puzzle of our lives; He knows not only where each piece goes but also the purpose that it serves, because again, He is all-wise and all-knowing.

As I walk through this mandated voice rest, I’m trusting that GOD has a purpose. Time and time again I’ve been asking Him to reveal the lessons that He wants me to learn. Today, I wish to share one of those lessons.

When I’ve been challenged because I cannot chime into a conversation, add to a discussion about a particular topic, or make a comment about something on the TV, I’m becoming more cognizant that integral to maturity—spiritual or otherwise—is realizing just how many things really do not require our commentary at all.

Tomorrow Ill post another nugget I’m learning. Hint: Are you prune to grumbling?