Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak
(written by the sweetest daughter I could ever have asked for)

Just a Puzzle Piece: by Chayil McGlotten

I wake up this morning, July 9th, knowing that today should be the day that my mom is able to speak again (after not speaking for two weeks). She came and kissed my forehead before she left for her follow-up ENT appointment (yes, I was still in bed at 11:00am). I got up a few minutes later because I wanted to make her a cake, celebrating the return of her voice. As I was cracking eggs into a bowl, I got a text from my dad. It said, “Mom isn’t healed. She is still on voice rest for at least another two weeks.”

My first response was to stare at my screen, baffled by the words that my father had written. For two weeks, I haven’t been able to have a conversation with my mom like I have for the past fifteen years. My mom and I are close. If there’s one thing we do often, it’s talk. Getting the text saying that I couldn’t talk to my mom for another two weeks tore me apart. Yes, I cried – A LOT.

I was too angry to see the brighter side of things. I knew that it was in the Lord’s hands, but I didn’t want to think about that. I just wanted to be irate with what was going on.

But I suddenly realized that everything was in His hands. I stopped crying. It wasn’t going to do anything. God put a word picture in my mind. A word picture that I’ve used for a few years. It was this:

Our lives are like a puzzle. The Lord solved the puzzle of your life before the beginning of time. Now, because we are not God, all we see is the present. One puzzle piece. And with that one puzzle piece, we try to tell God, the one Who has already solved the puzzle, what the picture should be. We say, “God, my life is a picture of an elephant. I know that! I have this one puzzle piece.” But He says, “No. I know what your life is. It’s a picture of a waterfall, not an elephant. I can see your entire life right now, and I know that the puzzle is a picture of a waterfall.”

We continue to tell the Lord that He’s wrong. That we know best. But ultimately, it comes to the fact that we don’t know best. We only have one piece of the puzzle of our lives, so we can’t know what it should look like. Even when hard times and horrible storms squish themselves into our lives, we can choose to look at our one puzzle piece and be upset. Or we can choose to see the entire puzzle as it should be, knowing that EVERYTHING that happens to us is for our good, and God’s glory (Romans 8:28).

As you can see, I still made the cake. But instead of it being a cake celebrating the return of my mother’s voice, it’s a cake reminding her that we are all God’s precious jewels. This bump in her life is just a step in God perfecting her.

Love you to Pluto and back, Mama <3! Remember that this is all in the Lord's hands. He has you and loves you, and so do I. Praying for you to stay strong during this bump in the road. image031