Lessons I’m Learning From Having A Voice But Not Being Able To Speak

Wow, life sure has a way of catching you completely off guard doesn’t it? For the past few weeks, I’ve had a somewhat raspy voice. When I mentioned this to my doctor at my annual physical, he thought it was probably due to allergies and recommended that I take an allergy pill for ten days. If there were no improvement after that time, he’d refer me to an ENT.

Two weeks later, my voice had gotten better but still wasn’t back to normal. l went to see an ENT. “Angelique, you have an abnormality on your left vocal chord” he said after a nasal scope. I was stunned. Abnormality, I thought. What kind of abnormality? How serious is it? Can it be cured? Will I need surgery? These questions and more raced through my confused mind.

After what seemed like an eternity, he asked me if I knew of Adele and John Mayer? He said that something similar had happened to them. Then he proceeded to tell me that I had sustained an abrasion or blister on my left vocal chord that was in the process of healing. He continued by telling me that every time I speak, my vocal chords touch one another so I’m not giving the abrasion a chance to heal completely.

Next came his treatment regimen: a six-day course of steroid. I thought, Ok I can do that! Then he added “Here comes the hard part,” “but if Adele and John Mayer can do it, so can you. I do not want you to speak for two weeks so that your vocal chords can rest.” Then he stressed, “No mouthing words either as the brain still thinks you’re speaking. I want you to open your lips only to eat.” NO TALKING WHATSOEVER FOR TWO WEEKS. What was supposed to have been only a two week period turned into four.