Live On Purpose Concept text on backgroundA friend of mine shared this with me today: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Ouch…challenging words that carry a nugget of wisdom: How we do the little, insignificant things also determines how we approach the big things. A messy, unclean car, for example, may be a tell-tale sign of our lackadaisical approach to other responsibilities.  It may say volumes about our tendency to procrastinate. Indeed, how we approach the small things can permeate each and every aspect of our lives.

Many years ago, I heard a very salient remark:  A cluttered garage is indicative of a cluttered house. This statement isn’t necessarily true, but it is akin to the maxim that a cluttered room is often indicative of a cluttered mind. My personal experience bears witness here. The absence of clutter in my abode is a striking metaphor for the degree to which I’m engaging life with intention and purpose. It’s often a litmus test for the degree of balance that I experience in my daily routine. In contrast, I’ve found that clutter and disorganization in my home tends to parallel those seasons of life when I stand in need of greater focus and direction.

Neglect of this important truth (that how we do anything is how we do everything) might be holding many of us back. The good news is that we can change. If we are truly honest and take inventory of our lives within this context, it just might help us overcome barriers and limitations. Especially those that are self-imposed. And I have a hunch it might even propel some of us into a greater reality of our life’s purpose.

What little thing can you start doing today that might create future opportunities?  Or help prepare you for the good works God has planned for you?