The Weaver’s Thread

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The Weaver’s Thread

Dejected, a spool of thread complained to the weaver, “Why do you bother with me anyway?”

“Because you are mine and I love you more than you can ever comprehend,” came the weaver’s reassuring reply.

Perplexed, the thread mumbled, “But I’m useless and unattractive; why do you care about me?  And, what could you do with pitiful ‘ole me anyway?”

Leaning closer to the thread, the weaver whispered gently, “I know you don’t understand, but I want to make a brilliant piece of tapestry out of you!”

“Me?!” mumbled the thread.

“Yes, you!” was the weaver’s quick reply.

Even more baffled, the thread continued, “Just look at me…I am drab and dull; certainly, I could never amount to much!”

Gently picking up the thread, the weaver calmly said, “Pay no mind to how you look…you see, on the art of weaving, it is I Who wrote the book. I have created beautiful masterpieces out of threads who questioned their worthiness just as as you are doing right now, if not more.”

“But I’m a failure,” the thread retorted, choking back the tears.    I am tattered and worn. How can you bring out any beauty from something as miserable as me?   Besides, many a folk has said that I won’t amount to much. And they’re right. Failure, hopelessness and disappointment have been my closest friends. I am lost and despairing of life itself. I actually feel unworthy as I look; No! You can’t make anything beautiful out of me.  You don’t seem to get it, but nothing good could ever come out of plain ‘ole me.” [Read More]

Are You Unwittingly Cheating Yourself? Part 2

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You might be reading this blog for this very reason.  If deep within your heart, you are longing for more out of life, let me ask, “What are you doing about it?”  The truth of the matter is that if we would lead fulfilling lives, we cannot continue to doggedly pursue our own goals and agendas.

But perhaps you’re where I once was, ensnared by the web of deception that the enemy spins over our minds.  Satan’s ancient scheme is to blind us to truth and seduce us to exalt ourselves over God, our Creator.  As a result, we then think we can take our eyes off God, live for ourselves, and all will turn out okay in the end.  This deception is a tactic of the enemy that creates a literal blinder and sets a spiritually  unhealthy process in motion. That is, the more nonchalant we are towards the things of God, the more blinded we become; and the more blinded we are, the more complacent we become about our true spiritual condition. Regretfully, this spiritual complacency is also the root cause of the huge hole of dissatisfaction many of us carry in our hearts―a hole that only God can fill. [Read More]

Are You Unwittingly Cheating Yourself? Part 1

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Have you ever experienced “buyer’s remorse” (where you purchased something rather expensive — that you absolutely thought you had to have — only to later regret your decision)?  How about the sickening feeling that comes after you’ve invested thousands of dollars into a home improvement project and then realize how much you dislike the way things turned out?  If my dear, sweet mother-in-love were to have experienced either of the above scenarios, she probably would have rationalized, “If money can fix it, then it’s not a problem.”  That’s generally a good outlook to have.  But what about regret that involves something as monumental as life itself―something no amount of money can ever fix or replace?   In this vein I ask, “Are you cheating yourself with life?  I hear you ask,”What exactly do you mean?”   Well, let me explain. [Read More]


"Living Backward is an excellent discipleship tool.
I appreciate how the author does not shy away
from sharing her failures as well as successes
in a way that is easily relatable." —Tanya Mathieu

​"​Living Backward inundates the reader with wisdom,
love and truth — ​encouraging us to begin to listen to the
echoes of God’s voice in our souls — calling us forth to the
purposes He uniquely created us for​." —T. Davis; C. Pride